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After months of enjoyably curating 534 Cambie, The Kent is now a thing. A private collection of reputable art and indecently stylish furnishings span over the 8,000 sqft of one of Vancouver's few remaining brick walk-ups.

The Kent is a  l i m i t l e s s  space. A canvas. A respite.

We're flattered to day we've caught the eye of those we admire in film, tech and music; therefore, if makes sense for us to offer our property to industry.

Situated downtown we're nestled amongst Vancouverites' favourite eateries, yoga studios, cycling pathways and boutiques.

The Kent is a secret location marked only by a blue dot on our black gates.

We love being here ourselves and are confident your clients will feel they are in the  o n l y  spot to be.


Dave Nickel and team.

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The Kent property includes:

  • 3 floors lavishly furnitured
  • private dining room
  • commercial kitchen
  • two 10 ft long tables
  • private art collection
  • children's fully stocked art room
  • photo studio (3,000 sqft)
  • 2 wet bars
  • tableware available
  • round tables seating 30 (can increase)

We understand the demands put upon A-listers. The Kent has been designed with the extrovert and the introvert in mind, offering wide open spaces for an entourage or quiet corners for solitude.


Watch the fight, Academy Awards or breaking news.

Alone of with your people. Our entourage-sized sofa seats

12 and sits directly in front of a 75" plasma tv.

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  • VIP events before, during and after shows
  • meet and greets
  • live streams
  • roasts
  • intimate performances
  • short list gatherings
  • private catered dinners
  • private parties
  • after parties
  • wrap parties
  • unpublic award ceremonies
  • luxury launches
  • entertaining as a home away from hotel for celebrities

The Kent is a secret location hidden in the centre of the city. Our unmarked private property is ideal for:

We've considered every angle of

our 8,000 sqft photo op. The Kent

is a flawless back drop with just

enough character for interviews or

publicity photos. Have your clients

meet the media here.



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Of course you can let us know what it takes to make

The Kent ideal for your rockstars.


We have a creative designer and a guest experience

team to handle nuanced requests. Favourite flowers,

scents, music and temperature are non-negotiables

to artists.


We understand the assignment.

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Creating serenity during the day is easy with the expansive windows and skylights capturing the natural light. Come sundown, floors and walls are lit with cobalt blue creating a vibe slide that has to be experienced.


  • Genelia and KRK audio throughout
  • Mcintosh turntable and Sonus Faber listening lounge
  • vinyl collection for audio connoisseurs
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At hand but completely invisible...

  • concierge
  • private chef
  • driver
  • in-house support team
  • creative designer
  • technical staff
  • hands-on owner capable of pulling strings

Contact Us

Our team at The Kent has experience with high level celebrities. Discretion is our vow.


  • vetted and bonded staff
  • privacy blinds throughout property
  • 2 separate and secure entrances (front door and side alley for swift and safe entry and egress)
  • self-imposed gag order understanding that nothing is to be shared on social media surrounding your client comings and goings
  • tour bus lane access 10 ft from front door