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We built a stunning space with a series of pockets for a limited few to claim and engage with their friends and colleagues.   That said, a space is just a space without declared values and cool people.    

At our core:  community, authenticity, vibrancy, expansion.   There is an ease of communication, safety in ideas and dialogue, respect for our fellow members and the Team at The Kent and ummmm yes, we know how to have a (very) good time!

We share ideas, we laugh.   We're as comfortable reaching into the fridge for a snack or making our own coffee as we are asking for it.

We are decidedly not a business networking hub, the city has two fantastic private clubs with a business leaning.  Our friends at Terminal City Club and The Vancouver Club are exceptional homes for this.   We don't wear the same pair of shoes every day, most of our members are already members somewhere else.

On any given Tuesday, a conversation around art, science, fashion, and more are happening simultaneously, and often overlapping.

It's time for something different, welcome to The Kent Social.



Member & Guest access to The Kent Curated

Reduced rates and priority on buyout for The Kent Curated Penthouse or Main Floor (Saturday and Sunday only) and ALSO the Kent (anytime)

Personal, temperature controlled Wine/Liquor locker

Complementary Canapés and other quality food in constant circulation

Secure, coded access during all open hours

Stock your wine and spirits below retail pricing using our distributor connections

Access to over fifty of our boutique partner clubs around the world

Exclusive Members only booking access to The Kent Kids

Guest Privileges (2 guests per visit)

The Kent Concierge:  Local booking of restaurants, hotels, car service and events  

Private Meeting/Dining room on reserved basis (seats 12)

Private Wine Room on reserved basis (seating for 26)

Glass dining Room on reserved basis (seating for 6)


Where is it?

534 Cambie Street.  Squarely between Pender & Dunsmuir.   Previous home to Joe Fortes (and an assortment of other very fascinating people).


What does the menu look like?  

We keep a fresh assortment of appetizers and creative tie-overs out at all times.   We focus on fresh quality ingredients.  Grazing is the theme.   Private breakfast, lunch or dinners in our three private rooms.


What is the policy for inviting guests?  

Are your guests people you'd be proud to introduce to your dearest friends?   Are there two or fewer at a time?   Done.


What are the hours?  

Monday - Wednesday 7am - 10 PMThursday - Saturday 7am PM - midnight).


Is there a dress code in the Club?  

Shorts, sandals, and sweats.   The rest is up to you, be your styled self


Will the number of members be limited?  

Yes.   In order to ensure this, prices will only go up, as needed in order to maintain our commitment to the best Member experience.  To respect that, our members are never committed to more than the next 30 days.

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